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Greenhouse Interior Layout

Posted on by Phil Bowyer

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You would think that laying out a 674 sqft greenhouse would be easy. On the surface it seems like so much room, but when you start diving into the details it becomes very challenging. I posted version one of the interior layout a while back, but as our goals have changed, so has the plan.

Greenhouse Diagram

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Notes About Our Greenhouse

Onions: We will be taking advantage of vertical space by creating a 1' x 10' growbed and attaching it to the greenhouse frame allowing us to grow another row of onions above the row planted in ground below.

Horseradish: Again, taking advantage of vertical space, we will plant the horseradish about 4 feet off the ground (highter than the other in ground roots) in a growbed so it will have access to the sun. It will also allow for some storage underneath.

We'll be doing some companion planting with our potatoes by adding some lettuce and spinach. The greens we grow with our potatoes will become fish food.

Garlic: We will be growing a significant amount of garlic, however you'll notice it is absent here. Because we plant to keep our greenhouse warm, garlic wouldn't grow (it needs cooler temps to form bulbs). We will be growing it just outside of the greenhouse, next to the Turmeric and Ginger. More on what we're going to do with all of this garlic later.

Greenhouse Stats

Aquaponic System 1 (AP1)

  • 250 gallon fish tank
  • 2 4x4 grow beds totaling 32sqft of grow space
  • Timed system that pumps water on a 15 minutes on/45 minutes off cycle every hour.
  • Has a 800GPM pump

This system is currently operational.

Aquaponic System 2 (AP2)

  • 250 gallon fish tank
  • 1 9x4 and 1 6x3 grow bed, totaling 54sqft of grow space
  • Raft System
  • Has a 800GPM pump

Aquaponic System 3 (AP3)

  • 250 gallon fish tank
  • 4 4x4 grow beds, totaling 64sqft of grow space
  • Constant Flood System
  • Has a 800GPM pump

Aquaponic System 4 (AP4)

  • 70 gallon fish tank (actually 2 35gal bins plumbed together)
  • A series of towers, set in 4 rows of 6 towers which will hold 96 plants
  • Timed System

In addition to the aquaponics systems, we have the following:

  • Root vegetables (Turmeric, Ginger, Horseradish, Potatoes & Onions): 92sqft
  • In ground (Corn and Sunflowers): 15sqft
  • Duckweed: 1 4x4 bed totaling 16sqft
  • An 8x4 Wicking Bed for flowers (including Lavender) totaling 32sqft

We'll also be growing seedlings against the south wall, taking advantage of the vertical space it offers.

Total grow space in our greenhouse is 358sqft!

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